Friday, November 23, 2012

My 2 Months Fully Paid Leave kan cuti 2 bulan gaji jalan? This entry is about my confinement period..

I sustained a LARGE episiotomy (a cut down under) due to my large sized baby..she came out wheighing 3.93kg,champion amongst semua cucu tokki.the largest pun was abang adik (Faheem Asyraf - my sis's kid) at 3.7 ke 3.8 kg camtu..and i managed to deliver her normally, Alhamdulillah..

However my recovery was not as easy..Maryam, being a big baby, not only had jaundice, but also sustained distocia (fractured shoulder) sebab tersangkut kat tulang pelvis mama dia masa nak poor little baby :'( The paeds who checked her (also my nephews' paeds, Dr. Koshi) already gave us a heads up to monitor her jaundice, cos at the point of us being discharged, he said that her jaundice is still not up to the level that she needs to be warded, BUT it might go up in another few days..So naturally i had to stop taking any jamu or what not from my confinement care set (mine does not contain jamu, just a herbal tea but i still refrained from taking it sebab dont want anything worse to happen to my baby) supposed to breastfeed her as frequent as possible to flush out the billirubin from her system which will then bring her jaundice level down.. Unfortunately awal2 tu Maryam xberapa nak breastfeed, we suspect its due to her still trying to adjust to the new environment, also due to her shoulder yg sakit tu..

On Sunday, En.Ilyas noticed that she's getting more 'yellow', so we quickly brought her back to the hospital for checking..blood test (with amazing wailing from my baby!)and all, doc said that she has to be admitted..level at that time was dengan juraian air mata mama terpaksa tinggalkan buah hati mama kat hospital..i didnt lodge in considering that baby will never be allowed out of the nursery, only the mum has to go to the nursery during feeding times to feed the since luka i pun sgt besar & im VERY uncomfortable with my swelling bottom, i need to fully heal before i can concentrate on taking care of my we went back, leaving strict instructions to the nursery to feed my baby with breast milk ONLY..I plan to giver her breast milk sampai umur 2 tahun, macam yang disunnahkan dlm we will come every day to visit & stock up the milk for her..

Alhamdulillah, she was allowed to be discharged after 2 days..Dr.Koshi called me every day to give updates on her jaundice level (Thank you Dr.Koshi, we love u!!)and his call that day lifted up my spirits to great heights! My baby's coming home!!Alhamdulillah..Dr.Koshi kept giving words of comfort saying that there's nothing to be worried about, she's healing perfectly and her shoulder will also be good as new in a matter of time..

So, to make the longs story short,hasil drpd i berulang alik ke hospital nak jenguk anak tu, my stitches down under terbuka!! AWESOME!! EN.Ilyas noticed it when he was applying medications to my wound..Coinciding with a repeat check up for Maryam dgn Dr. Koshi, we went back to see my gynae for a quick check on my wound. And to my utter horror, she confirmed that my wound was indeed terbuka..dia bising saying that i banyak jalan sbb tu terbuka -_-" I mean, come on! she's my first born, takkan lah i xnak tgk dia langsung?nak tinggalkan pun dah berendam air mata ni pulak xnk jenguk langsung..jeez..Anyways she gave me options, whether to ulang alik klinik do up dressings tiap2 hari sampai luka tu cantum sendiri which god knows when, or to restitch..

I was like WHAAATTT?? Ya Allah..oklah so we decided to restitch..nak buat dressing hari2 tah bila nak baik kan bukannye kita nak dok bteleku je kat rumah tak gerak langsung..And this time, the pain is excruciating! I tell u, maybe sebab my dose of pain killers yg doc prescribe lepas bersalin haritu dah habis, and then tetiba kena restitch pulak, bengkak balik lah benda alah tu..seksanya ya Allh, nak mandi pun mcm nak nangis..1st day after restitch tu terpaksa En.Ilyas yg tlg mandikan..tengok muka dia pun mcm dia nk nangis tgk keadaan i mcm tu..huhu..

So after all that, i was healing slowly..and i became somewhat paranoid, takut same thing happen again..i asked En.Ilyas 'how's my wound?' like every single day, until a point yg i rasa dia fed up jugak nak jwb jaga hati punya pasal die check jgk.huhu..we dressed the wound religiously until our post-natal check up at 1 month which my gynae confirmed that i have completely healed..sebenarnya the week before en.Ilyas dah ckp dah that he thinks ive already healed..But like i said, i became paranoid so i made him still dress my, until the doc says so..Dia kata i ni patuh gila kat doc..huhu..yela, sakit tau tak! huhu..

Lepas tu pulak tak tau lah ape unfortunatenye nasib i ni, cos of darah nifas tu i tgk dah akin seciput, i xnak lah bazir pakai maternity pad yg besar gabak tu so i wore my normal sanitary pads..Agaknya that pad lagi keras kot (yelah, slim pads kan) as compared to the maternity pad, melecetlah pulak kat kawasan kulit baru tu.. -_-" Plus, there's an area that En. Ilyas kata lukanye kat dlm dah cantum, but at the skin area mcm dah nak berparut n xnak cantum dah..down betul -_-"

That was when i started taking Shaklee supplements..1st to boost my breast milk supply (i never had problem with my supply, Alhamdulillah i ni jenis susu banyak, but i dont want to take any risk as i know that even with people like me, the milk supply WILL at times, deplete ie. masa period, puasa, etc.)2nd is to completely heal my wound..I wanted to start on these supplements earlier on, tapi at that point of time byk sgt dah pakai duit for the hospital costs, so i decided to postpone until my next salary. This, I regret dearly. I should have just bought the supplement earlier, or at least just the zinc pills to start with..Alhamdulillah, luka i healed completely in less than a week! dan En.Ilyas pun kata bila i saja2 suruh dia check luka, kulit yg taknak cantum tu dah cantum! Alhamdulillah..and those annoying stings i still felt before i started with my Shaklee regime, is also completely gone!

Syukur ya Allah for allowing me to heal. And i also know that dengan usaha (Shaklee) dan tawakkal, barula i dapat result yang terbaik. Thanks Shaklee.

I will let u know in my next update on how I started pumping for milk, with Shaklee.

Oh, I have a new blog now. Im a registered distributor for Shaklee now. I love the supplements so much that i decided to be a member and get the best out of it. This is the URL to my new blog . I will concentrate on breastfeeding, and Shaklee products here. Do support me & my products..Kalau tak beli untuk sendiri, promote kat orang pun boleh =)

I will also keep this blog running, where i will try my best to share stories of my life with u people out there..Oh my promise on wedding pics, next time ye cos im using my sis' laptop so no pictures here..

Im starting work next week, boo hoo!! :( Hope all goes well then..Will update more later.. Until then, toodles..

Note: Supply susu yang dah memang meriah makin meriah lepas consume Shaklee <3 <3

Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Year Has Gone

Dear Readers,

First and foremost, my apologies to all..and as i expected in my previous post, it really did take me a bit more than a whole year to resume writing on this has been an awesome journey, and i treasure it dearly, which i will try to capture for your reading pleasure shortly..

I am now a wife, and a mother of a beautiful daughter. Yes, I got married and had a baby..some journey i had,right?

Well we were happily solemnized, En. Ilyas & I on 20th November 2011. 20.11.2011..cantik kan tarikh? but no we didnt purposely choose that was all coincidence..nak elakkan cuti maal hijrah on the next week, terkena pulak date tu on the week before..and i insisted that it has to be on not sure what was i thinking then, but yeah, it did happen as planned anyway..ALHAMDULILLAH..

It was a simple and short ceremony of only one day, where we were solemnized in the morning, and proceeded with the reception on the same afternoon. Dan kenduri pun we had them together, the bride & groom's side. We all malas nak berkecah banyak kali banyak2 kenduri so we had it just once.. after all both our parents stay nearby pun, so why the waste of everything?

Ok enough of the wedding..Insyaallah in the next entry if i have the time i'll upload some of the pictures of our wedding.

Now lets talk about my still-short-journey of becoming a wife..Alhamdulillah, tomorrow is our first year anniversary. And Alhamdulillah, I have been blessed with a husband yang i rasa cukup sempurna untuk I. He's my husband, my best friend, the person who i turn to, and my heaven. Syukur. His family is also awesome, and i find myself at ease when i go to my in-law's place, and at times even more at ease than i am at my house. With that i am truly grateful. En. Ilyas has been giving all the things that a wife could ask for, not that im difficult to please..very easy one to please me..haha..but personally, im not satisfied with myself on being a wife. Not being able to live by ouselves limits me from providing what's best for my family. Enough said. I pray that i will have that opportunity soon.

Now, the joy of our life. Not long after our still short marriage, we were blessed with a pleasant surprise - I'm pregnant!!. Now we (En.Ilyas & I) have always said and set in our minds that kami taknak planning. Takut plan2 nanti terus tak dapat langsung anak, menyesal. Kami tak kisah bila rezeki anak tu nak datang. When we have our first one, THEN we plan. That was our stand, as husband & wife. So anyway, something happened in my body chemistry one day, for a few days that prompted me to first Google about what is happening to me (I really suck up to Googling. Sikit2 nak tau anything i would cepat2 Google for that info..haha). So what i find out is that i MAY be pregnant - so i told my husband. We were in complete shock that we went out immediately to buy the pregnancy test kit at the pharmacy..Result - POSITIVE. I was utterly shocked! I told En. Ilyas, he was utterly shocked too! So shocked that he found it difficult to believe - siap suruh i wat 1 more round of the next day we bought another test kit and its still positive..Now to top it up we made a confirmation test kat hospital pulak lepas tu..haha.. ok now he believes.

I can say that the journey of my pregnancy is somewhat emotional. Remember when i said something happened that prompted me to go through all those tests? I had a bit of a bleeding. So i insisted on going to a specialist. So the doc confirmed my pregnancy, however at that time she mentioned that she couldnt see the fetus's heartbeat CLEARLY. So she did asked me to go through some blood tests to see whether the fetus is actually IN the womb, or outside. And my blood test result was NOT GOOD!anyways, the conclusion was that we had to wait and see, until the fetus is a wee bit bigger for the doc to be able to clearly see whether its in or not.She gave me 2 weeks, if by then when she does a detailed scan and its not in the womb, i had to abort.

Bayangkan perasaan i masa tu! I was so depressed, berendam air mata mengenangkan apa la keputusannye nanti. I like totally shut down - i became visibly down and unhappy, unable to hide my emotions. En. Ilyas pun sedih, I know, but he was being strong for me. When it was just the two of us, and i talked my heart out to him, bergenang jugak air mata dia. Every single day, when i walked to my office, i talked to the baby inside my tummy - though i know very well that at that time during the pregnancy, fetus' belum boleh mendengar. But i didnt care, i talked. I trust that somehow the baby will HEAR me, will feel me. I told the baby that please,please please grow well. Please be ok. Mummy is too happy to have u to later have to let u go. I told the baby these, every single day.

The first week passed. And that was when it happened. I started to have series of nausea. Not very bad, cos dekat ofis i dont have a single problem. Its just during my way to the office, and in the evenings when i get back from the office. That is when i felt hope. I Googled (See i told u im so suck up with Google..haha). I tried to find out what does this mean. And they said that nausea, vomiting is caused by the increasing of pregnancy hormones in my body. I was happy! I felt hope. I told En.Ilyas about it. But we wouldnt make ourselves too happy or too hopeful until we go through the 2nd check up - to confirm. And when we did, true enough, my baby was ok and well!Oh the relief! En.Ilyas said that instantly theres like a cloud had lifted from my face. Alhamdulillah.

The nauseating episode (heh..) lasted only for 3 months. I was completely ok after that, throughout the pregnancy, Alhamdulillah.

Now came the awaited moment - 3rd trimester..And it went smoothly as usual. Then came the final month..I was excited, and nervous at the same estimated fetal weight at the time of my last check up was 3.3kg..doc said that my baby might be a good 3.5kg when at the time of delivery..and yet,my cervix hasnt she asked me to check in the day after my due date - 30th Sept IF i still havent delivered by then, for induced labour..

Dan bermulalah episod susah hati being someone who reads A LOT about pregnancy-labour-delivery all through my pregnancy, I know that docs dont usually call for induction until a woman is at least a week overdue. Tapi masa last check up tu,biasalah, i ni berat mulut nak tanya..tu yg En.Ilyas slalu marah i tu..tapi yela..shocked until like im in a trance or something..Anyway, thanks to my reading jugak, I know that not all induced labours end with success..AND it has its own side effects jugak..IF it fails, I would end up be operated..and IF i bernasib malang mendapat side effect - rahim boleh pecah..Yes im an optimist at most things, but on THESE kind of things im bloody pessimist..Yelah, I ada 1 rahim je ok, tak bleh ditukar ganti..and i pun bukannye kaya sgt nak menyerah diri utk di the side effects of the yes, i take care of my body the best that i can..

A thought from En. Ilyas one day made me realize why the doc's decision was as such - she didnt want my baby to grow even bigger if im overdue, as she is already big as it is..Even so, i tetap sebolah mungkin xnak di induce..

Anyway, bila dah mula susah hati tu, hari2 we all (En. Ilyas & I) dok berdoa, cakap dgn baby, pujuk baby cepat keluar..Allah knows that penantian tu memang satu penyeksaan..I googled AGAIN to find out what are the natural ways that i can induce labour, before the doc even has a chance to do so..and there were 2 things that i am prepared to do..

1) turun naik tangga dgn banyaknye
2) minum air genggam siti fatimah (my thoughtful dad bought a packet for me during his trip to mecca for from my friend who had just given birth at the time said she couldnt wait long for her baby either so she drank the water, and that started her labour...PERFECT!)

So that was during the weekend..I had time only until the coming Sunday for my labour to start naturally or else i need to check in to the hospital by monday..I still went to work..En.Ilyas & I, we talked..both of us would like to avoid the induction if possible..So we decided that if there's still nothing happening by Wednesday, Im going to drink air genggam siti fatimah tu Rabu malam tu..meanwhile i will do what i can turun naik tangga kat ofis tu dlm masa 2-3 hari yg i ada tu..

so i started on office is on level 17, surau kat level 13 camtu i turun naik tangga ofis-surau jelah pun..nak naik tangga dari bwh smpi office mau lencun plak baju i sampai office nevermind..and nothing happened..DESPERATE!! So on tuesday, the desperation got the best of me - i turun tangga all the way dari level 17 to basement 2 to my car!! at that time all i think was i nak cepat bersalin..i never thought of the danger of me being sarat2 macam tu turun tangga bapak tinggi mcm tu..blk rumah gelak2 cerita kat En.Ilyas - hamekau kena marah sebab x fikir bahaya..huhu..well memang x fikir ape dah masa tu..

Next morning, bangun tido macam biasa nak siap pegi keje..tgh2 siap nak pegi mandi tu - tadaaaa!!! rasa mcm terperiod kejap..n there it is, ive had a show! gembira hati bukan kepalang..hehe..i gasped kuat gak la masa nampak darah tu..masa tu en.ilyas tgh solat subuh..hbs solat je xsempat doa die terus pandang i dgn mata terbeliak signalling what happened??? i told him..

Maka both of us tak pegi kerja la haritu..went straight to the labour room after breakfast to have a check up..doc came later, checked and reported ive had an opening of only 1cm..may take days before the actual we went back..dan i pun terus rendam cik genggam siti fatimah tu, determined to make it sooner rather than later..minum punya starting to feel contractions that are getting steadier by the hour..dalam pada sakit tu i happy lah cos i know that its gonna be very soon..then came the night, i tak dapat tido the whole night..i was like in pain like all the time..En.Ilyas asked whether we want to go to the hospital then, but i insisted that i can wait for morning..came morning, we had breakfast and off we go to the labour room again - checked - 3cm now!!hoyeay i did it!!doc said im gonna be delivering my baby on that very day, insyaAllah..

And the contractions after that, Allah je yang tau..amazingly, i didnt take any kind of pain killers - no epi, no pethidine , no morphine..i just stuck with ethonox:ie laughing gas - that made me high when inhaled continuously during the pain..up till when i was 8cm dilated and the pain was unbearable (masa tu tak tau laa i was already 8cm dilated, but the pain was definitely unbearable), i asked a question that i already know the answer : can ii still take the pain killer..naturally came the answer which i already expected : tahan jela..i guess the ladies in our family have amazingly high pain threshold..dan masa azan Asar on the 27th of Sept 2012, i safely delivered my beautiful baby girl, who we named izzah maryam binti ahmad ilyas..

The love, the joy of our life..I would go through that again and again, to just hear her first cry into the world..perasaan masa tu, indescribable..overwhelmed..happy, terharu, semua ada..

And that, is the story of my whole year which I owe this blog..

At the time that i started writing this, it was 19/11/12..tapi i was caught upwith training my baby girl to bottle feed, and also to stock up my EBM before i start working, so 3 hari kemudian la baru siapnye entry yg panjang berjela ni..hehehe..

I will write again in another entry a bit about my 2month long i better publish this one first before it gets longer..

Until the next entry, toodles..

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Hlo peeps..

A short update before I go off to dreamland..harini we did a mini gotong royong..since this will be the last weekend before 'The Day' was just to take the queen bed out of my sis' bedroom n put it into mine, and shift the single bed in mine into nephew asked 'kenapa ayom amek katil faiq??' are always full of curiosity..

Tried on the curtains for my room - senteng!!! X boleh harap lain org suruh lain dibuat.. -_-" sebab tu bab2 tailor menailor ni I always trust Chinese tailors..hantar je kat ah sou, komfim puas hati..nasib baik la curtain tu still repairable..

Had to transfer my clothes into the new wardrobe upstairs..xsampai suku isi wardrobe lama I keluarkan, wardrobe baru dah separuh penuh!! Padahal sama saiz yg lama dgn yg baru.. -_-" muat ke nak letak baju Incek Ilyas nnt???Huhu..x habis transfer lg..penat dah..hasil mengangkat katil ptg td..esok la sambung..

Ape lagi ye..tu je kot..esok I'd bet ade gotong royong lg..Better sleep now..till next time, toodles~

Note: finally, I dah start cuti..hoyeayyy!!!~

Thursday, November 10, 2011

They say so..


A bit bout work ( sesi lepas geram, sila skip to next paragraph kalau xnak baca I membebel )..I'm about to go on leave,I'll start next practically tomorrow's my last day before I go on these past few days adalah hari I menghandover what jobs that I think is urgent to my colleague - a senior engineer..note the in the coming week there'll be a presentation to the board of directors, n also chairman of d company, on all project status, as there hv always been every quarter..Dan all the while Im the one doing the updatings on behalf of my boss..Dan for our project the updates adalah tersangatlah banyaknye..kalau org lain cuma ada less than 10slides to be updated, I usually have to update about 50-70slides..hebattts kaaannn???so, this snr engineer hv just joined our team, the team, not the previously she was one of those lucky engineers who only have less than 10 slides to update..Dan pagi2 buta my boss dah remind me to work with her,on showing her what to update on the slides..Dan I memang plan to completely let her do the slides this time, so that nanti apa2 Hal kalau I takde senang la she already know what to do..know what she said?

Once when I asked which slides she have updated, she asked me back, "y u nak update ke??" ..panasss oke!!I cakap tak, I just want to highlight in red which are the ones u need to I pun highlight la..then after dah bsepah merah2 kat slides tu I highlight, she then came again to me saying : "Zu, I think u need to update some of the slides for me la, cos I don't how..I Duno what are the status of this n that..". What the effffff!!!!! Helo, u tak tau u xbileh tanya ke?I sorang je ke yang involve in this effing project?? U ingat I mula2 dtg dulu I tau everything ke abt the project?? Hell no!! But I learnt the hard way, and I asked..I stayed until 8 to make sure I complete what I need to convenient of u just bcos u xtau u nak suruh I yang update?do u think I have any help before u came into the picture??I did everything my effing self!! Camni ke attitude senior engineer?? -_-"


Harini I takde selera masa dinner tadi..abg2 kat FB ckp org darah manis memang cenggitu.. Betul ke?? Seminggu lg kott nak kenduri,..makin kurus la I camni kalau asek xde selera..oh noooo!!! -_-"

Ok dah..till next time..nak buat homework.. -_-" toodles~

Note: nak cuti ngan tenang pun susah -_-"

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hoh!!My days are countable!!

-_-" tajuk entry mcm org nak kena hukum gantung..Hehe..well,as a single,my days ARE countable..17 to be exact..gasp!!

Banyaaakkk ok bnda x settle lg..we've done the doorgifts halfway,dah pack2,tinggal nak masuk kotak je..baju settle,dah bwk blk pun...canteeekkk sgt :-) .. to me la,2 u I dunno..cantik is subjective..

Hm..there are a few detailings on hall deco that I've yet to confirm,& I can't seem to find a time 2 go 2 the place to confirm it!! Omg help me!! Cik PA juju tolooongggg..aiyoh how la how la..sakit perut ok fikir..

Taknak fikir!!

Ang pao dah dpt 2.. ngeee..1 from project director earlier,1 from my direct superior pg td..Hehe..mekaseeehhh..

Oh bachelorette party done..courtesy of bffs..nak tgk gmba pegi tgk kat nk upload pki hp..I so missed the good old days..

What else ek..I'm on a strict regime to improve my face skin..hopefully it works a bit..mcm impossible to completely be ok in total,but if it happens,best jugak! :-D

Oh,I can't wait for holiday to start..but for that,I'm now crazy busy at work..-_-" nk handover plak kt someone who's supposed 2 b senior,but pd hakikatnye blur..risau ok!! -_-"

Ok rasenye tu je kot on my quick updates..I'm on the train going back home..gotta call home till nxt time,toodles~

Note: I can feel the jitters coming already..
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Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Pat On The Back

Hai kawan2..

Lapar tak tgk gambar nasik ayam tu?Hehe..harini Xde org kat rumah pagi tadi until noon..I plak tak pegi mana2..maka bila Xde org kat rumah,I pun masak la..nape I masak bila Xde org kat rumah? Supaya Xde tukang komplen & tukang komen & I dapat buat keje dgn tenang..Hehe..

1st time buat nasik ayam..hasilnye memang sedap,bangga I..huhu..saya konfiden utk bawa nasik ni bila melawat org :-p

Tapi habis masak td dah pukul 3.30ptg..huhu..lapa gak ar tunggu..pdn muka sape suh mula lmbt puas hati woh!! Esok nk bwk pegi ofis bekal utk lunch..yummay..

Sekilas update tentang wedding..baju2 I dah siap & dah amek Dr tailor..santekkkk..& we had a change of plans..Hehe..tuka baju reception & baju nikah..tgk jela nnt Ye..yg pasti,I excitedddd ok baju cantikkkk..but oso nervous,dah less than 1 month woh!!

Ok ok,until then,toodles~

Note: x sabar tunggu getaway with girlfriends kat pd coming weekend ni :-)
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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wedding Preps

Hiya peeps..

Omg dah sebulan lebih belog ni ditinggalkan..sorry la I memang betul2 xde masa..since after raya, I dah lama tak nampak sunset..kua ofis je dah gelap..kua ofis je dah malam..sampai rumah mmg harapan la nak update belog bagai kan..katil I nampak lebih friendly pada ketika itu..itu pun kalau I x bawak blk homework.. -_-" Sampaila I demam last week, I guess probably because my body is super duper exhausted..itu pun I x berani nak mc takut bila blk ofis nanti meja I dah mengalahkan gunung everest timbunan kejenye (matila I masa cuti kawin 2 minggu nanti)..harini I happen to be balik on time @6pm, itupun sebab terpaksa vacate the office sebab pest control nak spray..tsk memang pekerja harapan sungguh -_-"

Ok I curi masa sikit nak update belog ni sebab stalker setia cik ayien membebel cakap tiap2 minggu dia balik umah dan bukak belog I, I tak update2..kan I dah kata I bizi gila! Huhu..Dan since stalker2 setia sume stok tanya camne wedding preps I, jadi utk entry ni I akan bagi quick updates on my wedding preps..

1stly, omg dah tinggal 45 hari je lagi!! Memang cukup utk buat I sakit perut..jadi mari takyah cerita pasal number of days left, kita cerita pasal preparations..Barang2 hantaran, like I've mentioned in previous posts, memang I dah beli siap2 lama dah..tinggal nak siapkan bekasnye je..I gubah sendiri hantaran I..I'm unfortunate sebab makcik I yg selalu tlg buat hantaran utk semua sepupu sepapat i dah meniaga I pun faham dia dah busy, mana ada masa nak buatkan hantaran, I gubahla sendiri..gambar I malas upload..jadi para stalker tegar, kalau nak tengok jugak sila pegi FB I, I penah upload sekali dulu..out of 9, I dah siapkan 6 bekas..jadi tinggal 3 yang I plan nak siapkan weekend ni kalau semangat I kuat..hehe..tu pun I x rasa yg pakai all 9 kot..sebab some of the items rasanya xperlu masuk dalam bakul tu..see how la..Once dah siap nanti, I akan cuba masukkan item2 hantaran tu see whether they need anything more..

Hmm..lepas tu,pasal door gifts pulak, I serahkan bulat2 kat mama I,.Biar dia decide what n how n when to do it..I malls campur..Tiba masa nak buat nanti I tolong buat jela..

Oh on the Dewan, initially we planned to put up just a backdrop for photography..sebab masalah ngan Dewan tu, dia ada stage, & to leave the stage bare like that adalah sgt unsightly dan pelik..abg Incek Ilyas offered to help, penuh semangat berkobar2 dia siap pegi ukur stage semua bagai..tapi these last few days I found a supplier that provides a sweet & simple mini pelamin with a price that I can say very after discussing, we decided to book the service..yep, mini pelamin je..cukup la since we all bukan nak bersanding pun..just nak buat background utk amek gamba probably next week kot, kalau takde aral we all akan pegi to the gallery utk discuss pasal pelamin ni..

Baju plak, insyaallah sabtu atau ahad ni I nak pegi tailor, suruh alter mana yang patut..dah la I makin kurus lepas puasa ni.. -_-"..tu pun subject to Incek Ilyas' availability..tapi dah tak boleh postpone lagi, cos I takut nanti dah takde masa nak kehulu kehilir buat benda2 ni semua..before puasa haritu baju yg nak pakai masa reception dah siap..I tested, but at the time xde plak nak suh die alter..skang baru nak suruh second baju for photog after d reception tu xtau apecer dah siap ke blm..I guess we'll find out this weekend..

Ape lagi ek..erm..well, the legal stuffs ie daftar nikah dah setel dah..alhamdulillah..tinggal one last borang yg I kena isi dan submit pada penolong pendaftar nikah a week before the wedding day..

Honeymoon - check!! Hehe..destination secret..dalam mesia je pun..I'm looking forward to this actually sebab I nk take d opportunity to really take a break from work..gila penat physically & mentally..I rasa masa duduk site dulu pun I tak sepenat ni..Incek boss, kalau tahun depan bonus & increment I tak mengancam, holiday, wait for me!!

Invitation card dah siap, sebum puasa lagi dah siapnye..Cuma x distribute je pun satu hal gak nak cari masa mana yg nak bg by hand tu..nak pegi pos apetah lagi..I kena cari 1 weekend utk duduk diam2 dan tulis invitation utk semua org..heck, events kat FB pun I xdan nak buat lagi..dah la fail bab2 ayat skema berbunga2 ni.. -_-" that, I target to do by this week..weekend ni, by hook or by crook I akan create event di FB tu..kalau x nanti I dah xde masa nak amek address semua org kalau mana yg nak suruh pos kad tu..

Ape lagi ek? I rasa tu je kot the updates on my wedding preps..cik2 stalker sekalian, cukup la tu ye..nanti I update lagi..tak tau bila..silap2 the next time I update, I dah jadik Mrs kot?? :p let's hope not..if I do have the opportunity , I Akan update lagi on my wedding preps from time to time..harap2 Ada lah opportunity nye..

Oh, before I end this entry, a shootout to cik2 stalker a.k.a girlfriends sekalian, tak sabar nak jumpa korang & gather..cik ayien, I suggest ko apply cuti a few days before kenduri I, n tido rumah I with the other girls..pretty pleaaaseee??cik juju mmg dah compulsory, maid of honor no exceptions.. :p siyesly ayien, it'd be great kalau kita dapat hangout sama2 tido sama2 like how we used to dulu, in d last moments I boleh dipanggil cik ni..hehe..pasni ak x dpt nak tido ngn korg dah, nanti korg rindu ak, camne?? :p sile pikir2kan ye cik ayien..ak siyes ni..

Ok until next time, toodles~

Note: kawan I, cik Nina suruh I buat entry on how I managed to find cheap services for my wedding..nantila, bila I Ada masa I Akan buat entry tu ye..